Friday, September 29, 2006

Wasted Chances

I am posting this just after I returned from a failed trip. It didn't fail for lack of trains, or clouds, or cops, or other fans in the shot. It failed because I am stupid and impatient.

I can still see the shots I missed in my head and want to post this so I can refer back to it in the future and remind myself that I need to THINK when I am out trying to take nice pictures. What can go wrong? Let me list the ways:

-You can not connect your scanner antenna completely so trains just surprise you when you are sure you will hear them pass a detector first

-You can head east when you know from experience that anything you see will be by you before you can shoot and there is no chance to catch it when you have to reduce speed for town and he doesn't

-You can chase for 10 miles because you want the shot so bad then still fail to get far enough ahead of a train to beat the crossing safely before the next town

-You can fiddle with your camera and change the multiple shot setting to single without realizing it and stand there like an idiot holding down the shutter button wondering why it's not taking any more pictures

-You can stand like a fool waiting for a 30 mph train while a rainbow disappears in front of your eyes

Oh, there are other things too I am sure. These are just some of the sins I committed in less than an hour tonight.

Here is the one where I messed up the camera programming:

Oh well, better luck next time and thanks for listening.

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